Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger & FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

Rolands New Super-Quiet KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal & FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal & FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

Above The KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal (left) & FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller (right)

Feeling frustrated that your Electronic Drum Set doesn’t exactly give your neighbours a quiet night?

Roland may solve your issue with the newly developed KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal and FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller which deliver super-quiet performance without sacrificing feel or playability.

KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal

KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal

KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal offers beaterless design which combines foot pedal & striker into a single compact unit that’s extremely quiet when played.

A newly developed link mechanism provides the true feel and response of a traditional design.

Now, exactly how quiet is it? In comparison to the Roland KD-9 beater-equipped kick pedal, the KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal generates 85% less audible sound in your room and 63% less to rooms below.

That’s not simply substantial that’s dramatic!

FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

The FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller features an all-in-one design like the KT-9, and incorporates a similar link mechanism for a marked reduction in operational noise.

Compared with the Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, the FD-9 produces 50% less audible sound in your room and 15% less to rooms below.

The pedal’s feet ensure total stability, letting the user work the FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller as hard or soft as they like to pick up every nuance, with support for aggressive moves like hi-hat splashes.

Common Features of KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal & FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller

KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal And FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Front View

Front View Of KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal (left) And FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller (right)

Both KT-9 and FD-9 are rock solid when used on any “traditional” floors. With integrated feet, adjustable anchors for stability, its rock solid on carpeted surfaces as well.

Each pedal features two heavy-duty springs. And the tension is fully adjustable to optimize the feel for your personal taste. A toe-stopper is included on each pedal as well, providing a familiar touch carried over from acoustic pedals.

The KT-9 Kick Trigger works with a trigger input on any V-Drums module or Roland percussion pad.

The FD-9 Hi-Hat requires a dedicated hi-hat trigger input. Which is found on all V-Drums modules and percussion pads like the OCTAPAD SPD-30 and HandSonic HPD-20.

Get more information on these New Reoland Pedals by visiting the product pages for KT-9 and FD-9.

Strike Pro Kit – The New “Monster” From Alesis

Strike Pro Kit From Alesis, A Professional Electronic Drum Set In The Mid-Range Price Class.

They’ve Added Traditionally Sized Drums and Cymbals. Prepped All Pads with Mesh Heads. Alesis Have Stepped Up Their Game, Put Effort Into Acheiving That “Realistic Drum Feel” On Strike Pro Kit.

Strike Pro Kit Drum Set

Revealed by Alesis First at the NAMM Festival back in january this year. The Strike Pro Kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums.

The Electronic Drum Set Strike Pro Kit combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums, with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums.

Strike Pro Kit are perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without giving anything up.

Featuring large dual-hoop pads, mesh heads and Patent-Pending sensitivity adjustment knobs. The Strike Pro Kit’s Premium Wood Shell Drums comes in Standard Acoustic Drum Sizes. Which Includes a 14” Snare Pad, 8-10-12-14” Drum Pads and a 14” Bass Drum Pad. All This In order For You To Feel “At Home” Once You Take A Seat Behind The Kit for The First Time.

The New Standard in Electronic Cymbals

The Strike Pro Kit Cymbals: A 16” 3-zone Ride Cymbal. Three 14” Crash Cymbals w. Choke Capability.  The 12” Movable Hi-Hat are An Exciting Step Forward.

All Cymbals Feel Spectacularly Realistic: A Perfect Blend Of Feel, Control and Bounce. The New Cymbals Has A Larger Bell Area for Enhanced Playability And Comes With a Cool “Hammered Look.”

Customize Strike Pro Kit Drum Module “For Your Sound Only”

The Strike Performance Module includes a sound library with no less than 200 Drum Kits Made From 1000+ Multi-Sampled Instruments.

Strike Kit Pro‘s Drum Module incorporates a On-board Sampling Capability. It allows you to store all saves on a SD Card. A USB/MIDI Connectivity can Easily Be Used in Conjunction with your Favorite Music Production Software. As this wasn’t enough, Strike Perfomance Module also includes the Built-in, Powerful Strike Software Editor.

Strike Pro Kit Module

Strike Performance Module offers a 4.3″ Color LED Screen Display where you can find All Your Settings, Do Your Choices Easilly.

Strike Pro Kit Features

  • Large Dual-Hoop Drum Pads with Wood Shells, and Adjustable Mesh Heads.
  • 14″ Bass Drum Pad. 14″ Dual-Zone Snare Pad (The 14″ Snare Drum Pad Exclusively for the Pro Kit). 8″,10″,12″, and a 14″ Dual-Zone Drum Pad. Notice: The 14″ Drum Pad Exclusively for the Pro Kit.
  • 16″ Triple-Zone Ride Cymbal. Three 14″ Crash Cymbals, the “Strike Zone Kit” only includes one and 12″ Moveable Hi-Hat.
  • Premium 4-Post Chrome Rack.

Strike Pro Kit Drum Module Features

  • Strike Performance Module with 4.3 Full-Color LCD Screen and Individual Outputs.
  • All New Sounds, 200 Kit Locations and Over 1000 Multisampled Instruments.
  • Software Editor for Creating Custom Kits/Instruments, and Importing .wav Files.
  • 50 Play-Along Songs (Download).
  • On Board Sampling Capability.
  • USB/MIDI Output for Use With Virtual Instrument and Recording

Strike Pro Kit Video Overview / Presentation

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for Strike Pro Kit is currently set to August, 2016.

Many people have been waiting Anxiously for this Release. It wouldn’t be surprising if Alesis decides to Release the Electronic Drum set a bit. As a release at the NAMM Show in June would not only give it a boost, but maximize the media exposure.

Upon Release, DrumPerium Will Do A Thorough review of the Strike Pro Kit. If all Things Goes according to Plans, We’ll  Take Lots Of Close-Up Photos. We would Like you to See Every little details Of This Set. Hopefully we’ll be Able To Record Some Videoclips To Show You The Drum Kit “Live In Action”. Keep Your Eyes (and Ears for that matter) Wide Spread Open…

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