Beatlab Mini Metronome TELLS YOU if Out Of Sync

Beatlab Mini Metronome

BEATLAB mini Features A Training Function That Check and Improve Your Sense of Rhythm

Beatlab Mini Metronome Front

The BEATLAB mini provides a training mode that lets you objectively check your own sense of rhythm.

If you connect the included contact mic to the unit’s TRIGGER jack and attach it to your snare or practice pad, the BEATLAB mini detects the sound of your strikes and measures the slight discrepancy in tempo between your playing and the sound of the metronome.

The amount of the discrepancy is indicated audibly. For example, if a male or female voice is selected, you’ll be informed whether you’re “TOO FAST” or “TOO SLOW“; if you’re correct, the voice tells you plainly “GOOD,” “GREAT,” “WONDERFUL,” or “PERFECT.”

It lets you check your own rhythm in real time with ease

Beatlab Mini Metronome KORGAfter evaluation, your score at keeping the rhythm and your overall tendencies are shown in the display, allowing you to monitor your progress as you continue to practice.

How strictly your rhythm is evaluated and the trigger sensitivity can be adjusted in detail to correspond with your ability and the devices with which you’re practicing.

From the beginner who has just started their instrument up to the veteran who just wants to verify their rhythmic sense, the BEATLAB mini will support your rhythm training as your very own dedicated and personalized trainer.

BEATLAB Mini Includes a Contact Microphone For Trigger Detection

Beatlab Mini Metronome CM-200The CM-200 high-sensitivity contact mic is included for trigger detection.

You can attach this mic to your practice pad or snare, or even to a magazine or table; any object that the clip will grip to transmit to transmit its vibration.

The moment you get your BEATLAB mini, you can immediately start accurate rhythm training wherever you are.

BEATLAB mini Main Features

  • Metronome function with a generous selection of patterns.
  • Training function that check and improve your sense of rhythm.
  • Sound out function is convenient for tuning your drums.
  • Time/Stopwatch function can be used in a variety of ways.
  • High-volume built-in speaker and headphone output.
  • Large backlight LCD display.
  • Two-way clip that holds with a variety of use-cases.
  • Includes a contact microphone for trigger detection.
  • Lineup includes a limited set with that includes a practice pad.

Beatlab Mini Metronome Drums

BEATLAB mini Demostration Video

As of this writing no price has been set yet. For complete specifications of BEATLAB mini visit KORGs’ Website.

Benighted “Necrobreed” Featuring Drummer Romain Goulon

Romain Goulon Benighted Drummer

After Seeing This Romain Goulon Youtube Clip, DrumPerium Looks Forward To The New “Necrobreed” Album by Benighted

Romain Goulon, a 25 year old Drummer who started playing drums at the age of 13. Romain studied jazz and modern music at the Music Conservatory of Cannes during 8 years and he’s, (actually) like the most, a self taught drummer.

After playing with many french metal bands like Agressor, Imperial S, Belef, Disharmony, he’s widen his drumming performance internationally and collaborated with bands like Disavowed and Necrophagist.

Drum Teaching And DVD Release

Romain Goulon Benighted Necrobreed

Besides being a studio and live session drummer. Romain is a drum teacher, international clinician, he has created instructional drum videos at his Youtube channel. In addition, he’s also released a drum DVD in 2015 named “Metal Chops Matrix“.

In an interview, in the October 2016 issue of Terrorizer Magazine, Julien Truchan (Benighted Vocalist) said this about his former drummer (Kevin Foley) and Romain Goulon:

“…Kevin was and still is one of my closest friends. But whereas in the rest of the band we all have day jobs and family, he’s always been the one who’s wanted to become a fulltime musician.

That’s why he’s been doing so much session work and was always on the hunt for a ‘big’ band.

So when he got the gig with Abbath – we weren’t supposed to talk about it then – we really encouraged him to take his chance. But on the other hand, we told him that we weren’t his backup plan and that if he was leaving Benighted, it was for good, even if it didn’t work out with the Norwegians and he totally got that.”

Romain Goulon Benighted Terrorizer MagazineRomain Joins Benighted

It was actually Romain Goulon from Necrophagist who got in touch with us. We had thought about him before but we believed that he was too busy and that we were too underground for him.

But he told us that he didn’t care about the money and that Necrophagist wasn’t going anywhere since their Guitarist/vocalist Muhammed was such a perfectionist. He’s been scrapping everything he writes ever since 2004’s ‘Epitaph’ and that they haven’t played live in years anyway.

Terrorizer Magzine also said in same issue “Romain made a name for himself with his fast beats. We bet he didn’t slow things down…“. of which Truchan responds:

“Far from it! Especially since Emmanuel loves to play fast tempos, so yes, it’s very fast! It’s also pretty viciousw ith very bleak parts and dirty samples that go hand in hand with the whole concept.”

Romain Goulon Benighted Logo

Check out the video with Romain Goulon below where he teases with short Drum Clips excerpts from the BenightedNecrobreed” to be released in 2017.


Sources: Terrorizer Magazine (If You’re Into Metal GET IT! It’s One Of The BEST!) and Romains’ Official website. In addition, Don’t forget to check Benighted Facebook Page for latest band updates.

Mapex Saturn V MH 5-piece Shell Pack Review

Mapex Saturn V MH Review

DrumPerium Takes A Closer Look at Mapex Saturn V MH 5-piece Shell Pack

Before diving into the Mapex Saturn V MH review lets start with some basic facts…

When it comes to drums, the Mapex brand is well known for its quality, style and great sound. In fact, drummers the world over swear by it and the drum selection here is to die for.

The snare drums, drum kits and the hardware are very attractive and not only do they look cool but they also sound excellent. Mapex has been doing this for almost 3 decades and their experience and attention to detail is what separates them from the other brands.

Mapex Flagship Line

The Black Panther, Mars and Meridian sets are some of Mapex’s most popular items for sale but none can beat their flagship line which is the Mapex Saturn line.

The latest Mapex Saturn V MH series is an improved version that is beautiful with the sleek finishes and an innovative tom mount isolation feature.

The pricing is affordable and that makes this one of the best value for money investments any drummer could make.

Mapex has also created a new bearing edge that greatly improves the interplay between the shell and the head so that the response from the drum is optimized and just a pleasure to play with.

So, what’s different now?

What impressed us the most were the toms which really sounded good. It didn’t matter how hard we hit the drums or how gentle we were… the notes and tones were just right. Adding to that, Remo Emperor clear and Remo P3 Batter is added as standard, not an huge but important thing for sure.

The Exotic models all come standard with black chrome hardware, while the Mapex Saturn V MH model features chrome hardware.

Players will have a hard time deciding on their favorite finish. Neverltheless, The notes are sustained well and the walnut and maple hybrid shell definitely improves the drum tones.

The Mapex Saturn V MH is a major improvement over the Saturn IV which while good, just doesn’t come close to this updated set.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review Kit Backside

Strong. Sleek. Sturdy.

Let’s look at some of the features that come with this set. Mapex Saturn V MH and MH Exotic are available in the same great finishes as Saturn IV and include the same great features:

  • SONIClear tom suspension.
  • Low-contact bass drum claws.
  • Mapex 6-ply North American walnut-maple hybrid shells (8-ply bass Drum).
  • Free-floating bass drum mount (Optional).
  • SONIClear Floor tom legs.
  • Memory Mark bass drum spurs.

Available in 3 Mapex lacquered finishes and 2 awesome Delmar wraps. The shells are constructed with the classic maple and walnut hybrid that Mapex is famous for. This makes the drum set a very strong and sturdy one.

Guests to your house or studio will definitely give the Mapex Saturn V MH a second look because its appearance turns heads all the time. If you wish to take things to the next level, you could spend an extra two or three hundred dollars for a cool marble burl finish, complete with black nickel settings.


Well, To be honest, and most importantly I’m not paid to say this. I couldn’t believe how good it was till we tried it out. The Saturn V MH will be suitable for both the hobbyist and the professional alike.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review ConfigThese are the drums that are perfect for commercial use, at home or in a studio setting. You get a variety of tom sizes and the 5-piece configuration gives you a lot of flexibility.

The responsiveness is brilliant and the beats that you will create with this set will be outstanding.

Priced at $1799, this is not only value for money but will last you a long time. It really has to be played to be believed. Do get it. You can thank us later.

Notice: As with all Shell-packs, Snare, Hardware and Cymbals are not included but sold seperately.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review Kit Backside
Built Quality
Playing Feel
Value For Money

Mikkey Dee Has Added “A Fresh Wave Of Energy” To The Band

mikkey dee scorpions

After 50 Years Of Rocking Like A Hurricane, Is There Any Better [Energy] Drummer Than Mikkey Dee To Celectrate This?

Singer Klaus Meine said: “Yes, we celebrate fifty years of SCORPIONS, but I guess it’s much more than that. The fact that the band is still together and we still put on a damn good show. And with Mikkey [Dee, drums; ex-MOTÖRHEAD] just joining the band, there’s a fresh wave of energy, and it’s a lot of fun, and we enjoy every night.

So we’re still excited about doing all those trips and taking our music all over the world. This vision never left us. And at the same time, creating new songs — playing not only the big classics on our show, but also to present new material, new songs from our latest album, ‘Return To Forever‘.

So it’s the whole package, I guess, that makes the band very, very special. And we still enjoy it very much — not being superstars or anything, but being musicians, being artists, and expressing ourselves though the music and having a wonderful time with our fans all over the world.”

SCORPIONS announced, in September 2015, the addition of Mikkey Dee as a permanent replacement for SCORPIONS‘ longtime drummer James Kottak. Mikkey Dee had spent the last few months, as reported earlier, filling in for Kottak, who was said to be on break while he sought medical attention. For Full Report Check

Mikkey Dee Short Drum Solo In Singapore October 21st In Singapore

Rock You Like A Hurricane Live in Singapore 21st October, 2016


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