Former Pearl Jam Drummer Boycotts Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

dave abbruzzese drummer

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has slammed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for leaving his name off of the band’s nomination.

It’s just a fine opportunity to see what Pearl Jam has to say in response,” he wrote on his personal Facebook page.

Let’s see if they do the right thing. It’ll be interesting to see the spin that is put on it. I’ve seen them change a 15 year old settlement agreement just by ignoring its contents and withholding money that didn’t belong to them in order to force me to accept the changes. They know how to play the game…their way!

Although Abbruzzese performed on the band’s third studio album, Vitalogy, he was fired in August 1994 due to personality conflicts with the band members, four months before the album was released. Pearl Jams’ Bass Player Jeff Ament said:

Dave was a different egg for sure. There were a lot of things, personality wise, where I didn’t see eye to eye with him. He was more comfortable being a rock star than the rest of us. Partying, girls, cars. I don’t know if anyone was in the same space.

Abbruzzese has collaborated with Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel). They released their song “Like The Child Of The Water I Am” for online download on December 26, 2015 and stated that their collaboration is ongoing and more music would be released in 2016.

Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Drum Set Incl. HW and Cymbals

mapex storm bundle

A Complete Package At An Incredible Value, Presenting the Mapex Storm Bundle!

The Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Drum Set with Hardware and Zildjian Cymbals does not only simplifies the process of getting a great sound. It adds an entirely new style of drum finishes and hardware options.

About The Mapex Storm Series

The Storm Series sets offer shallow depth toms 100% Poplar shells complete with the SONIClear Bearing Edge, which increases the contact between the drumhead and shell and allows the head to sit flat on the edge.

The SONIClear bearing edge produces a stronger and more centered pitch and makes the drums remarkably easy to tune.

This Limited Edition Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Kit comes with 10”x 7”, 12”x 8” Toms, 14”x12”, 16”x 14” Floor Toms, 22”x 18” Bass Drum, and a 14”x 5” Snare Drum. Mapex Storm Bundle also includes a 400 Series Hardware pack, and a 4pc Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal pack.

“The SONIClear bearing edge has been very important to the success of all the Mapex high quality sets like Saturn V, Armory and Mars, helping players at all levels produce superior sounds with minimal effort”

states Gary Ingraffia , Mapex Brand Manager. And he goes on saying

“The frustration of drum tuning, especially for players who are learning the art of tuning their drums, can lead to a lack of enjoyment and less time playing. The SONIClear Bearing Edge solves those issues and enables players to get a great sound even without years of tuning experience. This is a truly a significant advantage found on all Storm sets.”

The Mapex Storm Hardware

The Storm 400 Series hardware series is included with all Storm kits. Chrome Plated hardware comes with the Camphor Wood Gran and Ebony Blue Grain finishes, while the Deep Black finish comes with Black Plated hardware.

The double-braced Storm cymbal stands are 3 tierd for maximum adjustment and cymbal placement. All Storm hardware feature the new Mapex concave leg design for easier better positioning.

This all-purpose hardware is available to purchase as individual pieces as well.

The Storm 400 Series hardware package includes a boom stand, straight stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand and single bass drum pedal.

The Planet Z cymbal package includes a 20″ ride cymbal, 16″ crash cymbal, 14″ hi-hat pair.

Pricing and Availability

mapex storm bundle drum set

At the time of this writing, DrumPerium has not been informed by Mapex about pricing or where to buy the Mapex Storm Bundle. We will add an Price and Where To Buy update here as soon as possible once we’ve got a reply from the company officials.

DrumPerium Forced To Widens It’s Spectra

Our Vision For DrumPerium Turned Out To Be Too Narrow-minded

When starting the DrumPerium Site my main focus was on Electronic Drums. In addition to that, I would add some news for Acoustic Drums and Drummers as well.

First the DrumPerium Motto was “We’re ALL In On Drums!“, but after a while I decided to dedicate the site entirely to Electronic Drums and basically skip the Acoustic Drums completely. Mainly because there’s barely no sites (no good ones at least) who was 100% into Electronic Drums.

new roland td50kv

New Roland Kit, All Good Right?

As a result (to the lack of sites) It should be easier for me to attract this specific audience (Electronic Drummers). When decision was taken I quickly changed the DrumPerium Motto to “We’re ALL In On Electronic Drums!” instead.

I must admit all lt good, I was confident this was the way to go and especially relevant as these (Electronic) Drums are the only ones I (can) use nowadays (due to impairment of hearing).

It’s Easy To BE WISE… In Retrospect

Now, about 8 months later, I realize why there are so few sites dedicated to Electronic Drums News & Reviews. It’s Because there barely aren’t any news to report or New Drum Kits to review. So like the header says, its easy to be wise in retrospect.

Roland v-drum release table

For example, I could have taken a look at the largest Electronic Drums Manufacturer Roland and their V-Drums Release Table (see image above) or a release table of any other Electronic Drums Manufacturer as it looks almost the same. There’s not enough things to write about, at least not for a site that need to be updated frequently in order to be interesting.

There’s Time For Change And Move On

ludwig snare drumSo, now I’ve decided, AND this is my final decision 😉 , that DrumPerium will cover the Whole World Of Drumming. It means a Huge Variety of Drum News and Reviews. Covering anything from showing off a New Ludwig Snare to Gene Hoglands’ warm-up excersises before a gig. Yes, I confess when it comes to Drummer News, Drummer Lessons and Tips these will in most cases cover the Metal Genre. I think it’s best to write about things you like the most (in this case Metal) because the more knowledge you have about it. At least that’s my experience.

So, Keep your eyes open for a “Make-Up” in the upcoming weeks and months.

Finally, as of today the DrumPerium Motto is “We’re ALL IN On Drums!” once again…


Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review

Double-Chain Driven Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review (P2052C)

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Set can be customized to suit your fancy and it’s a highly reliable model. You can either get the Redline as a belt-drive or a chain option as used in this review.

And so, when it comes to features, the Pearl‘s famous Eliminator pedals sure pack a punch. They’re equipped with Dual-chain drives, Click-lock spring adjustment, Control core beaters, NiNjA bearings, Independent traction grips, Uni-Lock beater angle cams, a PowerShifter function and much more.

Created more than 15 years ago, this brand and model is still preferred by thousands of beginners and professional drummers all over the world.

High Degree of Customization

Since the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal can be greatly customized to suit your taste and preferences, you can definitely find a set up that is just right for you. It may take you some time to fiddle around with the different features to get it all just rightBut when it’s done, you’ll be very pleased to have a pedal set that is perfect for you.

It’s worth noting that the high degree of variation will mean that some combinations may work against each other. You’ll need to be aware of what you’re doing and how it’ll affect your playing.

Other features

The Redline’s features are patented and you can quickly and easily vary pedal performance by using the interchangeable cam system. If you wish to move the footboard up and down you can use the ‘Powershifter’ feature. This is really helpful.

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review Front

You’ll also be able to remove and change the rubber disks that are located in the grip plate. The color scheme of grey, red and black is very pleasing to eye and overall, these are very stylish pedals.

While the pedals allow you the option of customizing them, if you just wish to use them as they come, that’s fine too. They are good to use upon purchase without changing anything.

What we learned from testing it out

Our testing showed that the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedals are great to use and highly responsive. The sturdy structure gives the pedals a solid feel and allow for smooth play. If you’re looking for a set of double pedals that look good and play well, the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal is definitely worth considering.

Would We Buy It?

We most certainly would. The level of customization that’s possible with these pedals is unbelievable. It’s priced affordably, delivers a ton of value, looks good and performs better. This is a must-buy.

The Eliminator Redline Pedal is sturdy and comes in a few models such as:

  • Single Pedal (P2050B) and Double Pedal (P2052B) Belt Drive Models.
  • Single Pedal (P2050C) and Double Pedal (P2052C) Chain Drive Models.
  • Left-Footed Double Chain (P2052CL) and Belt (P2052BL) Models.

The Pedal model marked bold above symbolizes the Pedal we used for this review.

Built Quality
Playing Feel
Value For Money
Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Carry Bag

Pedal Carry Bag Included For Free

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