Roland Drum Pad PD-105 10 Inch Mesh V-Pad


Roland Drum Pad PD-105 – The First V-Pad With Rim Shot Capabilities!


How do you improve the Roland Drum Pad PD-105 upon the World’s Most Popular Electronic Drum Pads? Start by designing a brand new sensor mechanism for more accurate triggering, and then give ´em a cool black finish!

The 10-inch Roland Drum Pad PD-105 Mesh Head V-Pads features Roland’s latest Dual Zone Technology (aka Dual Triggering).

Resulting in more even and accurate sensing between the head and rim.

Roland Drum Pad PD-105, along with PD-125, are also the first V-Pads with Rim Shot capabilities on the Toms including the actual “rim click” sound.*

The PD-105 Drum Pad comes with: Owner’s Manual, Connection Cable and a Drum Key.

*Rim triggering on toms requires Roland TD-20, TD-12 or TD-9 Sound Module.

PLEASE NOTICE: The Sound Modules Mentioned Above (TD-20, TD-12 and TD-9) Are NOT Manufactured Anymore. You Should Consider Buying One Of Roland’s Current Sound Modules instead.

PD-105 Drum Pad Main features


  • Snare/Tom pad with Mesh head for superior playing feel and response.
  • The PD-105 contains a head and rim sensor, for superior expressiveness.
  • The potential of the PD-105 is realized most fully when used with the TD-25 percussion sound module.
  • You can change the nuance of the sound with both rim shots and head playing position.
  • Brushes (nylon) can be used for brush playing. Do NOT use metal brushes!
PD-105 Drum Pad Specifications
  • Pad Size: 10 inches.
  • Trigger: 2 (Head, Rim).
  • Option: Mesh Head (MH-10).
  • Width: 280 mm (11-1/16 inches).
  • Depth: 360 mm (14-3/16 inches).
  • Height: 112 mm (4-7/16 inches).
  • Weight: 2.3 kg (5 lbs. 2 oz.).

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