Alesis Crimson Review – Is This Kit Worth Your Money?


Is The Alesis Crimson Electronic Drum Set Worth Your Money?

Read DrumPerium’s Alesis Crimson Review Below To Find out!

Whenever someone thinks about buying an ‘Electronic Drum Set’ the first question that crosses their mind is, “Is it going to be expensive?”. After all, nobody wants to take out a second mortgage on their house just to buy a drum set.

However, there is no denying that quality comes at a price and if you want a electronic drum set that produces super cool beats that gets everyone’s heads bobbing, you’ll need to fork out some serious cash.

There are many cheaper brands on the market and these are marketed as ideal if you’re a beginner or intermediate player. The truth of the matter is that these cheap alternatives can’t even be considered worthy of mention. You’d be better off banging on a tin can with 2 chopsticks.

You’re probably wondering, “Is there no drum set that’s affordable and good?

The answer – Yes, there is one. It’s the new Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit and almost everyone is raving about itand for good reason too.

The Company Behind The Crimson Kit

Alesis is a company based in Cumberland, Rhode Island. They specialize in producing audio mixers, drum machines, professional electronics percussion products and much more. They’re fantastic at what they do.

For years they’ve been trying to create an ‘electronic drum set for beginner/ intermediate’ player that would be at a price point that is affordable for most people. Finally, they succeeded and it was worth the wait.

The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit produces really high quality sound and is a mid-range unit. If you’re a drummer, you’ll love this set that is head and shoulders above its peers.

What’s Inside The Box?

ALESIS CRIMSON REVIEW CRIMSON SNARE DRUMThis is a standard 5-piece electronic drum set that comes in a cool all-black mesh. It can handle both a single and double pedal because the 8” Kick pad has ample space. Besides that, you’ll get a 10” dual zone floor tom and two 8” dual-zone rack toms.

The Crimson has a 12” snare drum that is a favorite with most of the buyers. The set itself with the metal racks is sturdy, stable and durable. You won’t need to worry about the drum set wobbling during your furious drumming session.

The three-zone 14” ride, 12” hi-hat with its own pedal and the 12” dual-zone crash that accompany this set will make even the beginners feel like a pro.

The Alesis Crimson Sound Module

Alesis claims that their module comes capable of producing 600 sounds. With the 20 extra ‘user kits’ and 50 preset kits, the number of sound permutations and combinations increases exponentially.

The metronome will be very helpful for the beginner and you can even save the beats you play. You can always listen to your own music or proudly impress your friends and family with your drumming mixes.


The Alesis Crimson has an internal memory that will allow you to save 4 or 5 tracks. You can use a USB memory stick that comes with the set to save another 99 tracks.

What’s also interesting is that you can upload your own samples into the module and sync them to the trigger/pad that you’d like to use. This makes it fantastic for creating sound effects such as loops, etc.

Other than that, the Crimson has a headphone jack, an auxiliary input (If you’re using iPods or other sound devices), mono and stereo outputs and a midi in an out. This set truly has everything you’d need.

Does The Alesis Crimson Kit Play Well?

You bet it does! We were very impressed when we tried out this set. You have a lot of freedom to personalize and get creative with the tunable mesh heads. The shiny metal rims make the whole set look aesthetically pleasing and gives the drum set a ‘cool factor.’

Many people who have tried out the Alesis Crimson Mesh say that the snare on this model feels exactly like playing on a normal snare.


The kick and toms are great too. The only thing we found slightly lacking was the cymbals. Since they’re made of rubber, it just doesn’t feel the same as banging on metal ones. But of course, this is just us being picky. The cymbals respond well and sound just like they shouldwe just wanted that ‘kick’ when playing on them.

You can also choke the crash and adjust rim sensitivity, threshold, reduce the crosstalk between the head and rim, etc. There is a lot of flexibility here. You’ll need to start using the Crimson to experience just how versatile and accommodating it is.

Would You Recomment It?

If you’re looking for an impressive drum kit, the Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit has your name written all over it.

The quality and features that come with it are impressive and the beginner/intermediate player will seriously improve his or her drumming skills with it.

Overall, the new Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit gets our highest recommendation. The kick pad and snare drum are absolute winners. The price is affordable and this electronic drum set is well worth the investment and will last you a long time. Do get it today.


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