TD-11KV Special Edition Aka Roland TD-11KVSE

The New Roland TD-11KV Special Edition, A Perfect Balance Of Price And Features

Roland TD-11KV Special Edition TD-11KVSE

The TD-11KV Special Edition (TD-11KVSE) is the third and newest member of the top-selling TD-11 V-Drums range.

If you’re serious about your drumming and want an electronic drum kit that can match your technique, read our quick guide on deciding which TD-11 series model is right for your gig.

A Quick Overview Of The TD-11 Range

The Roland TD-11K is the most affordable option and comes with durable rubber pads for the toms, but still includes the V-Drums range’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL technology.

The TD-11KV is the next step, with uprated mesh toms and dedicated crash and ride V-Cymbals. From there, you could jump straight to the TD-25K with its high performance TD-25 sound module and VH-11 hi-hat.

But alternatively, at a price between the TD-11KV and TD-25K, you might decide the new Roland TD-11KVSE offers you the Perfect Balance of Price and Features.

As drummers usually have their favorite brand of drum hardware, V-Drums kits do not come with a kick pedal, hi-hat stand or stool.

Rolande TD-11KVSE

What upgrades do I get with the TD-11KV Special Edition?

The TD-11 Drum sound module and drum pads might be familiar, but pull up a stool at the new TD-11KVSE and you’ll notice a fistful of specific improvements over the existing TD-11KV.

First off, instead of the CY-5 Cymbal Pad and FD-8 Pedal, this latest kit includes the VH-11 hi-hat, whose full-motion response, quiet-operation floating design and dual-trigger accuracy.

It feels just like playing an acoustic hat (it also fits on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand).

What else can I expect from the TD-11KVSE?

Another key departure from existing TD-11 models is the MDS-9SC. It’s a larger stand that offers an additional arm for a third V-Cymbal, and that’s handy, because the TD-11KVSE also ships with the CY-12C: a crash cymbal with a natural swinging motion and dead-on triggering. Both in terms of layout and feel, these uprated features mean the new TD-11KVSE plays more like an acoustic kit than ever – at a price-point that doesn’t rule out working drummers.

Visit Roland UK for more information about the TD-11KV Special Edition drum kit.