Dave Lombardo In The Studio Recording For… Who?

Dave Lombard Drum Kit Studio

Dave Lombardo Keeping Busy After Misfits Reunion

Dave Lombardo has recently been busy touring with punk/metal crossover thrashers Suicidal Tendencies. He tracked drums for their 2016 release titled World Gone Mad, so he’s in good shape to tackle the punk assault of Misfits.

Dave Are Currently In The Studio Recording An New Album For? Well, We’re Not Sure. Hopefully For Thrash, Speed or Death Metal Band Where He Can Show Off His Full Potential and fits Like a Glove!

Suicidal Tendencies are booked to play Ozzfest Meets Knotfest on September 24-25. Dave Lombardo will therefore share the festival bill with his former bandmates in Slayer. The drummer’s most recent 12-year stint with Slayer ended in 2013 amid an acrimonious dispute about pay rates.

Dave Lombardo Suicidal Tendencies

Three years have passed by since and man do we miss him! No one other than Dave Lombardo can handle the Slayer drum throne other him, Period!, NOT EVEN Close!

So how come we’re so excited about Dave Lombardo being in the studio again? Because we know his studio time is not for Suicidal Tendencies, as their album has already been recorded.

It’s probably not Dead Cross, considering that album seems like it’s all wrapped up. Perhaps Lombardo is recording a new Misfits album?

Dave Lombardo Drum Kit From Behind

Remember Dave were a part of the Misfits Reunion, alongside original vocalist Glenn Danzig, for Riot Fest earlier this year. In fact the lineup said they’d love to do a record together at some point as well.

Is He Recording Drums For A Thrash Metal Band?

So, although I wish he would be recording with Slayer (which would never happen) or any other Thrash Metal band. It seems like Misfits is the best guess now. In The Meantime lets enjoy and celebtrate the good old times by ending with a Dave Lombardo Drum Solo.