Drumistic A Revolutionnary Electronical Assistant for Drummers


Drumistic, an awesome assistant made for drummers by drummers.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or professional, you’ll find in Drumistic incredible functionality.

It gives you the opportunity to play everywhere. Take your sticks, your Drumistic’s sensors & app and then hit whatever you want!

Furthermore it also allows you to record your drum play with no effort. In the app, tap on the record button and play! Your record will be exportable into midi format.

With Drumistic you have a personnal drummer teacher in your pocket. Select your drum lesson and play! You can see if you are good in tempo, if you are hitting toms and cymbal like the sheet music, track your progress and many more things.

Drumistic are IOS and Android compatible

Drumistic App iOS AndroidDrumistic Team think it should benefit all the drummers. Therefore, they made it compatible with both IOS and Android. The windows phone version will also be created soon. Of course, our applications will be free. Enjoy!

Very fast to setup
Each drummer is unique. So it’s really important not to change your gaming habits, we have created a very fast product to install and fully integrated with your style and gaming environment.

Play with rebound
It tracks your real play. Real play means with rebound and by hitting toms (or whatever you want). Drumistic have been made for that! Just hit with your drumsticks and your feet and enjoy our app.

Record all your play
If you are a drummer you know that recording yourself may be complicated and costly. Drumistic has been designed to make your life easier. In less than 5 minutes, save your tracks in real time into midi files or in music scores!

Improve your drumming!
To progress it is necessary to practice and work various exercises. Thanks to Drumistic you will be able to have drum lessons and follow your progress in real time!

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