Why Settle Triggering Just Drums? Chang Demostrates It Well!

With Lights, Camera, Triggers and Drums You Can Do A Lot!

In a new video for the track “Spiritual LeaderSon Lux drummer Ian Chang puts drum fusion on full display. In this video he’s using Sunhouse’s Sensory Percussion Set, which not only allows him to trigger various samples, but also integrates each hit with lights and projections, creating a hypnotic, rhythm-based multimedia experience. Interview With Chang And All Describeb In Full at The Creators Project.

Ian Chang Drum Video

While triggers turn your drum into little more than an on/off button, Sensory Percussion listens and reacts, responding to the essence of your performance. Sensory Percussion is a hardware + software system that is an overlay onto acoustic drums. The sensor clamps to the side of a drum (snare, tom or kick) and connects to our Mac/PC software via a standard audio interface as a phantom-powered microphone.