Drum Pad : Pintech ConcertCast Mesh Pads



The Pintech ConcertCast Series Electronic Drum Pad offer the most rugged design while maintaining our world-class triggering technology.

Used by some of the biggest names on tour, the ConcertCast Series Drum Pads are built to withstand some of the heaviest of hitters.

Full of features like the 3 piece Pad foam design, world-renowned 100% positional sensing triggering technology,

EZ-TUNE Technology to adjust your sensitivity on the go, Reaction Series Mesh heads for ultimate comfort while being as close to silent as possible and much more.

With 3 different drum pad sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the Drum Pad that works best for your playing style and space. Offered in single zone or dual zone variants for rim-shots.

Pintech ConcertCast Mesh Drum Pad Main Features

  • Universal – Works With Almost Every Brand On The Market.
  • 100% Positional Sensing Compatibility.
  • 100% Velocity Sensitive Triggers For Ghost Notes.
  • All Metal Titanium And Aluminum Alloy Shell.
  • Reaction Series Mesh Head.
  • Ez-Connect Trigger Technology.
  • Ez-Tune Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment Technology.
  • Featuring Pintech’s World-Class 3-Piece Foam.
  • Powder Coated For Extra Durability.
  • Real Metal Hardware.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • American Made.

DRUM PAD PINTECH DUAL ZONE CONCERTCAST REACTIONPintech’s triggering technology is 100% positional sensing compatible, and offers a centralized triggering location with virtually no hot-spots!

Pintech’s triggers and foam are also ultra-sensitive.

Allowing you to achieve those ghost notes that have eluded Electronic Drumming for so long. And no one wants to play on plastic Drums!

PINTECH DUAL ZONE DRUM PAD CONCERTCASTPintech’s ConcertCast series Drum Pads are made out of titanium and aluminum shells, and feature REAL hardware.

Pintech’s ultra-quiet Mesh heads are 100% tuneable, because we use real tension rods. You can adjust the tension on the Mesh to lower or raise your rebound.

And our chrome hoops ensure that you will get the most authentic feel when playing rim-shots.

Pintech ConcertCast Drum Pad are available in the following sizes, zones and bundles

  • 8 Inch Single Zone Drum Pad
  • 10 Inch Single Zone Drum Pad
  • 12 Inch Single Zone Drum Pad
  • 8 Inch Dual Zone Drum Pad
  • 10 Inch Dual Zone Drum Pad
  • 12 Inch Dual Zone Drum Pad
  • 4PC Drum Pads Bundle
  • 5PC Drum Pads Bundle

The finish on the ConcertCast Series Drum Pads is a flat black powder-coat finish that is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. And don’t overlook our matching flat black star knobs for tightening your Drum Pads down to your L-Rods.

DRUM PAD DUAL ZONE PINTECH CONCERTCAST PADPintech’s ConcertCast Series Drum Pads are used by some of the most well known Drummers in the world like Shaun Foist (Breaking Benjamin), Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas) and Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park).

Whether you are starting out, or are an experienced Drummer, Pintech’s ConcertCast Series Electronic Drum Pads are the perfect choice for Drummers that want the most out of their equipment.

Don’t let anything hold you back, because the ConcertCast Electronic Drum Pads by Pintech are also backed with Pintech’s exclusive limited lifetime warranty!

Specifications Of The Pintech ConcertCast Drum Pad

  • Available Pad Sizes: 8 Inch, 10 Inch and 12 Inch.
  • Colors: Black Shell with White Mesh Head.
  • Triggers available: Head and/or rim (Single of dual zone).
  • Drum Head Material: Mesh (Reaction Series).
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 3 in.

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