Sakae Drums – Customize Your Own Kit!

Sakae Drums UK Customers Should Feel Lucky! They’re Able To Design Their Very Own Drum Kit Via Official UK Distributor firm’s New, Online Drum-Set Compiler.

Follow this location to access drum compiler that allows you to build a wish list based upon one of the 3 different Sakae Drum Kit series. Trilogy, Almighty or Celestial. Here’s a short introduction of each series:

Sakae Drums “Trilogy” Series

Sakae Drums Trilogy Series DrumPerium

Sakae’s proprietary Maple, Poplar, Maple 3-ply shells are at the heart of Trilogy’s Drum Kit vintage sound.

4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings on top, bottom of the Drum Shell help dry the sustain and keeps the ultra-thin shell in round.

Sakae Drums “Almighty” Series

Sakae Drums Almighty Series DrumPerium

6-ply North American Maple shells are carefully crafted for a minimal seam. Each Sakae Almighty Drum Set shell features a sharp bearing edge for clear attack and great tone.

Heavier lugs help focus vibration and sound transmission to shell edges. All toms achieve complete tone isolation thanks to our unique cradle mounting toms, floor tom leg mounts, and rubber padded bass drum spurs.

Sakae Drums “Celestial” Series

Sakae Drums Trilogy Series DrumPerium

The Celestial Drum Kit features Sakae’s new Chamber Specific Technology (CST).

CST, an innovation in the-88th-years-of-Sakaes history, a result of decades with collaborations alongside some of world’s top drumming artists.

Eizo Nakata, Sakae’s 3rd generation President states;

Sakae believes that in search for the ultimate resonance and tone, individual drums within a drum kit should not be limited to a certain ply configuration, bearing edge or even shell composition.

Customer may as well select which Sakae Drum Kit Components he/she chooses. Shells, Snare and Rim Style (Righty Hoop or Mighty Hoop), Finish/Color and Accompanying Hardware.

Sakae Drums UK team will reply personally with availability, RRP quote and further information. For instance, nearest official Sakae dealer. Sakae Drums are exclusively distributed in the UK by SVM Percussion.

About Sakae Rhythm

Sakae Rhythm, a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan.

Established in 1925. Sakae Rhythm have devoted their passion and craftsmanship creating the best drums and percussion instruments in the world.

2009, after 40 years of making drums for one of the world’s leading drum companies.

Sakae Rhythm launched their original brand, “Sakae Drums“.

Sakae” stands for “Prosperityin Japanese. Sakae S-spiral logo is derived from the name with hope for prosperity. For all musicians and the entire music industry.