Snare Drum Pad : Pintech Pro Series 14 Inch Dual Zone


The Pintech 14 Inch Electronic Snare Drum Pad offers Pintech’s most realistic feel and triggering ever. Pintech’s world-renowned trigger technology allows incredibly natural triggering sensing while offering the most natural feel imaginable.

PINTECH CRHOME 14 INCH SNARE DRUM PAD TUNINGThe Reaction Series Mesh Head’s tension can be adjusted to your liking, which allows you to adjust the feel and triggering the way you like it.

EZ-Tune technology incorporates 2 knobs on the side of the Drum Shell that allow you to adjust the sensivity for both the head trigger and the rim trigger with a simple turn of a knob.

This enables you to adjust your Snare’s sensitivity on the spot, without needing to go into your modules settings!

The Pintech Snare Drum Pad offers 2 Reaction Series Mesh Heads, along with our very popular SilenTrim rubber hoop trim. This rubber trim goes over the metal hoop, and helps keep your Snare as silent as possible while also protecting your sticks.

SNARE DRUM PAD PINTECH BLACK PHOENIX 14 INCH SNAREMade with a metal shell and metal hardware, the PHX14 is built to last. Pintech believes in using the best possible hardware available, and we’ve incorporated that into our PHX14 Snare Drum Pad.

Real metal hoops, hardware, tention rods and lugs means you are getting the most authentic looking and feeling Snare Drum Pad available from Pintech.

The Ultra-Quiet Operation Of PHX14 Snare Drum Pad

PINTECH CARBON FIBER SNARE DRUM PAD PHOENIX 14 INCHPintech’s 14 Inch Snare Drum Pad PHX14 offers a hollow bottom design that ensures the most quiet Drumming experience.

This allows less airflow to accumulate inside of the shell, which reduces noise by up to 55% over our competitors!

If you are looking for an Ultra-Quiet Snare Drum Pad, then look no further!

Pintech PHX14 Snare Drum Pad Main Features

  • Dual-zone: head and rim triggering capability.
  • EZ-Tune technology allows you to adjust sensitivity for your head and rim with a turn of a knob.
  • EZ-Connect: Easily replace your triggers with only a Drum key in just minutes.
  • Mesh Heads are fully tuneable to your liking.
  • Reinforced triggers: Longer lasting with more dynamic range.
  • Dual Mesh Heads – Comes with an extra head so you don’t have to worry about buying another one.
  • SilenTrim Rubber Hoops Covers on both sides.
  • Mounts on standard acoustic Snare stand.
  • 14 Inch diameter with 12 tension lugs for precise tuning adjustments.
  • Ultra quiet play.
  • American Made by Pintech.
  • May be used with all popular Drum modules.
  • Ships with SilenTrim, Stereo Cable and Mesh Saver.
  • Available in Red, Black, Chrome and Carbon Fiber.

Additional Information of The PHX14 Snare

  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 Kg).
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 4 Inches
  • Shell Color: Red, Chrome, Black, Carbon Fiber
  • Mesh Color: White, Black