Roland Tom Drum Pad PD-128 12 Inch Mesh V-Pad


Experience New Accurate Rim-Shot Sensing With The PD-128 Tom Drum Pad

ROLAND TOM DRUM PAD PD128BC V-PADRoland 12-Inch Tom Drum Pad boasts a new rim sensor which has been specifically developed for this 12-inch Tom Pad in conjunction with the TD-30 Drum Sound Module. This had been applied in order to to accurately detect dynamics and rim-shot depth.

This Tom Drum Pad by Roland contains an exchangeable black-chrome color shell wrap. The PD-128 is designed as a Tom Pad, and comes with a two-way mount holder.

Roland’s PD-128 Tom Drum Pad provides you with a new higher level of rim-sensing accuracy. When it comes to replicating the feel of acoustic drums, it is the rimshot response this is the most challenging to get right.

The Rim Sensor along with the Head Sensor, generates uncanny accuracy and natural response.

Personalize Your Tom Drum Pad’s And Snare With Exchangeable Shell Wraps

ROLAND TOM DRUM PAD PD128BC BLACK CHROMEThe 12″ Roland PD-128 Tom Drum Pad has an awesome black chrome finish exchangeable shell wrap. Roland also provides a variety of nice-looking finishes, allowing you to customize and pimp out your V-drum set to look mind-blowing on stage.

The Roland PD-128 comes equipped with Owner’s Manual, Connection Cable and a Drum Key. Rolands’ Tom Drum Pad PD-128 brings excellent tom drum performance to your Electronic Drum Kit!

Other Roland products (sold seperately) that’s compatible with the PD-128 Tom Drum Pad are the MDH Pad Mount Series and MDS Drum Rack Stands Series pointed out below.

This Rock-solid MDH-12 Pad Mount boasts a hatched clamp for quick setup and teardown. MDH-12 Pad Mount is Compatible With All Roland MDS Drum Racks Series.

Meaning you can easily expand your kit with more trigger pads (e.g., Roland PD series).

MDH-25 Pad Mount
The MDH-25 Pad Mount with a flexible ball clamp and tilt mechanism is Compatible With The MDS-25 Chrome-Finished Drum Rack.

Key Features For Roland Tom Drum Pad PD-128

  • 12 Inch Tom Pad.
  • Black Chrome Finish.
  • Dual Zone Trigger (Head, Rim).
  • Tunable Mesh Head For Realistic Playing Feel.
  • Two-Way Mount Holder.
  • Consistent And Accurate Sensing Between Head And Rim.
  • Interchangeable Shell Wrap.

Technical specs For Roland PD-128 Tom Drum Pad

  • MPN: PD-128-BC.
  • Width: 358 mm (14-1/8 inches).
  • Depth: 368 mm (14-1/2 inches).
  • Height: 117 mm (4-5/8 inches).
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (7 lbs. 8 oz.).
  • Acceptable Rod Diameters: 9.0 to 11.5 mm (3/8 to 1/2 inches).
  • Usable Pipe Size: 22.2 mm (7/8 inches).