Gretsch Energy Series Review

Gretsch Energy Series Review

The Gretsch Energy Series is exactly what you’d expect from a less than $1000 set. It’s a complete 5-piece set of good-quality units, the hardware is included.

This is the only kit in the list that’ll come with cymbals, usually they are purchased separately. However, Gretsch put together an awesome deal for you. The cymbals provided with this set are Sabian SBR cymbals and they’ll do just fine.

The kit comes in a standard size: a deep 22” bass drum, 10”and 12” mounted toms, a 16” floor tom and a 14” snare. This is the perfect setup for any kind of music style. The snare is made out of maple and sounds amazing, so does the rest of the kit.

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Gretsch additionally sprinkles a few other unique-to-Gretsch features throughout the Energy series. For example, toms are cut with 30-degree bearing edges and receive five lugs (rather than the standard six found on different brands).

Every piece of the setup is beautified with the delightful teardrop-formed Gretsch lug, which, as we would like to think, is still one of the prettiest lugs around.

The hardware on this kit is not the best, but still pretty decent for its price. You can’t expect much from the hardware when you buy a complete kit.

The stands are double brace chromed and they can take some heavy hits.

As for the snare, the stand is simple to use and pretty sturdy.

The toms are ball mounted and they can be configured in endless possibilities. The bass pedal and hi-hat stand seem sturdy, but if you’re looking for a speed bass pedal, consider upgrading it right away.

The shells are made of poplar instead of maple or the combination between the two, this is fair since the price range is quite low. The Gretsch heads on this set are decent, but if you want achieve the professional sound you should definitely consider upgrading the heads. This won’t cost you a lot.

However, the overall sound of the set is great, especially with upgraded heads. We can safely say that this kit is well suited for live plays, studio recording, and practice.


Configuration:    22″ x 18″ virgin bass drum, 10″ x 7″ tom (five lug), 12″ x 8″ tom (five lug), 16″ x 14″ floor tom, and 14″ x 5.5″ snare (eight lug).

Shells:   Poplar with natural interiors. 30-degree edges on toms and bass drum. 45 degree edges on snare.

Hoops:  1.6mm on snare and toms; metal hoops with wrap inlay on  the bass drum.

Heads:  Gretsch clear single-ply.

Finish:   White wrap. Also available in Black and Grey Steel wrap.

Hardware:  Gretsch Energy medium-weight hardware pack (double-braced stands): boom stand with tom holder; straight stand with tom holder; snare stand; hi-hat stand; and single-chain bass drum pedal.

Cymbals:  Sabian SBR cymbal pack (sheet brass cymbals): 13″ hi-hats, 16″ crash, and 20″ ride.

Overall Grade : The hardware and the heads on this set are decent, everything else is of very good quality and this is a good set to begin with if you’re looking for drum sets under a $1000.

Drummer Gene Hoglan (Death etc.) Auctioning Off Drum Kit For Charity


Gene Hoglan, Death (R.I.P Chuck) Drummer, is auctioning off his very own Pearl Masters Custom Drum Set which includes: 12×9, 15×11, 16×18, two 24×16 kick drums ,shells, rims, tom mounts and tom stands, cymbal stands.

Gene Hoglan’s Drum Kit Described by Himself

It’s a killer kit! It sounds awesome!


The New Black uses this kit. That’s where it sounded the best. You can hear it on the album!


Gene Hoglan’s Drum Kit was Used on the Following Albums


  • Strapping Young Lad: The New Black
  • Tenet: Sovereign
  • Meldrum: Lifer
  • Zimmer’s Hole: While You Were Shouting At The Devil

Gene Hoglan’s drum kit have travelled all around the world including tours with Sounds of the Underground, Unearth, Opeth, Zimmer’s Hole, Strapping Young Lad also att Ozzfest.

As if this wasn’t enough he also used this kit recording Hoglan’s The Atomic Clock DVD!

About the man, the myth, the almighty Hoglan

Gene Hoglan can easily be called one of the most influential metal drummers of all time without much, if any at all, opposition.

So here’s your chance to own a piece of metal history from said influential drummer, with a portion of the proceeds going to The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics in Memory of Chuck Schuldiner and Michelle Meldrum!

You can bid on the kit here, and hear what Hoglan has to say about the kit and the donation details below.

Drumistic A Revolutionnary Electronical Assistant for Drummers


Drumistic, an awesome assistant made for drummers by drummers.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or professional, you’ll find in Drumistic incredible functionality.

It gives you the opportunity to play everywhere. Take your sticks, your Drumistic’s sensors & app and then hit whatever you want!

Furthermore it also allows you to record your drum play with no effort. In the app, tap on the record button and play! Your record will be exportable into midi format.

With Drumistic you have a personnal drummer teacher in your pocket. Select your drum lesson and play! You can see if you are good in tempo, if you are hitting toms and cymbal like the sheet music, track your progress and many more things.

Drumistic are IOS and Android compatible

Drumistic App iOS AndroidDrumistic Team think it should benefit all the drummers. Therefore, they made it compatible with both IOS and Android. The windows phone version will also be created soon. Of course, our applications will be free. Enjoy!

Very fast to setup
Each drummer is unique. So it’s really important not to change your gaming habits, we have created a very fast product to install and fully integrated with your style and gaming environment.

Play with rebound
It tracks your real play. Real play means with rebound and by hitting toms (or whatever you want). Drumistic have been made for that! Just hit with your drumsticks and your feet and enjoy our app.

Record all your play
If you are a drummer you know that recording yourself may be complicated and costly. Drumistic has been designed to make your life easier. In less than 5 minutes, save your tracks in real time into midi files or in music scores!

Improve your drumming!
To progress it is necessary to practice and work various exercises. Thanks to Drumistic you will be able to have drum lessons and follow your progress in real time!

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ddrum Shows Off With Lots Of New Products This Year!

ddrum Hybrid 6 Player White Wrap Finish

ddrum Introduces A Wide Range Of New Products 2017

ddrum D2 Player Drum Set

ddrum D2 Player Complete Kit

ddrum D2 Player Red Pinstripe

ddrum D2 Player is an acoustic drum set including everything you need. For the beginner, looking for the basics, and a little more. The new ddrum D2P drum set offers professional features, in a contemporary size configuration for minimal investment.

ddrum D2 Player Grey PinstripeDrumset consists of a 7×10″ Rack tom, 8×12″ Rack Tom, 14×16″ Floor tom, 5.5×14″ Snare drum-and a 18×22″ Bass drum-with Black powder coated hardware.

The D2P comes in 3 radical finishes to choose from. A cut above the rest! Includes everything you need to start playing: Throne, Hi hat stand, Snare stand, Bass drum pedal, Full boom stand, Tri holder bass drum mount, 16inch Crash cymbal, 14inch Hi hats and 1 pair of sticks.

ddrum Hybrid 5 Player Drum Set With White Wrap Finish

ddrum Hybrid 5 Player White Wrap Finish

ddrum Hybrid 5 Player White Wrap Finish Behindddrum Hybrid 5 Player, A variation on the original Hybrid 6. Featuring a beefed up, 18×22 kick drum, 6×14 snare as well as 7×10 and 8×12 rack toms, and a 14×16 floor tom. Cymbals and Hardware sold sepereately.

This is a fully functioning acoustic drum set, with the addition of our industry standard acoustic pro triggers.

Perfect for live or the studio, mic them, trigger them…the sky is the limit!

ddrum Hybrid 6 Drum Set With White Wrap Finish

ddrum Hybrid 6 Player White Wrap Finish

ddrum Hybrid 6 Player White Wrap Finish SmallA fully functional acoustic drum set that has been augmented with our industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers.

They have been shock mounted to the interior of the drum, and the cable plugs into the shell. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement.

ddrum Hybrid 6 Drum Set includes: 7×10″ Tom, 7×12″ Tom, 12×14″ Floor tom, 12×16″ Floor tom, 20×20″ bass drum and a 6×13 snare drum. Cymbals and stands sold separately.

ddrum Reflex 5pc Drum set – Black wrap with Red hardware (Shell pack)

ddrum Reflex 5pc Drum set Black Wrap Red Hardware

Not meant to take a back seat, DDRUMS Reflex Red kit is strikingly dressed in a hi-gloss black wrap and glossy cherry red powder coated hardware.

ddrum Reflex 5pc Drum set Black Wrap Red Hardware BehindThis five-piece configuration includes drum sizes made popular by DDRUM a 7×13 snare for added sonic pop and a 20×22 bass drum for deep low end projection. 100% Alder shells provide pristine clarity, enhanced tuning versatility, and naturally balanced tone with added emphasis on mid and low-end frequencies.

The Reflex Red kit features solid brass Faceoff lugs and DDRUMs patented bass drum Isolifts and Fixpitch suspension mounts, which serve to minimize shell impedance for cleaner pitch, better projection, and superior tone.

ddrum Reflex ELT 5pc Drum set Trans Red (Shell Pack)

ddrum Reflex ELT 5pc Drum set

DDRUM introduces Reflex Elite in Red Lacquer finish. Reflex shells are crafted from 100% Alder, a hardwood commonly used in guitar building, and first introduced as a relevant drum shell material by ddrum.

Alder has a naturally balanced sonic characteristic, which emphasizes mid and low-end frequencies that provides both pristine clarity and enhanced tuning versatility. Reflex Series drums are equipped with solid brass Faceoff lugs, bass drum Isolifts for maximum low end.

Fixpitch suspension mounts, for cleaner pitch, better projection, and superior tone. The Reflex Select Series comes in three core configurations. Matching add-on drums are also available.

ddrum Mercury single tier boom arm

ddrum Mercury Single Tier Boom ArmThe Mercury single tier boom arm is a great alternative to adding more cymbals to a players setup.

Instead of using an additional stand, players can utilize the MCH by using it with any of the Mercury/ RX series clamps to mount bigger cymbals such as rides or crashes.

Features the infinite boom tilter for maximum adjust ability. Includes a 15inch long boom arm with 18inch Downtube.

ddrum Mercury Fat Throne With Red Base & Stripes

ddrum Mercury Fat Throne Red Stripes

ddrum Mercury Fat ThroneWelcome the new Mercury Hardware Throne Series. These FAT thrones are 5.5 inch thick padded with vinyl exterior and are very comfortable.

Take your pick with our five different color combinations that match your personality.

In keeping with the styling of the Mercury series, these thrones feature double-braced legs and have an adjustable height between 19 to 27 inches with maximum support.

ddrum Mercury Flat Based Snare Stand

ddrum Mercury Flat Based Snare StandA new addition to the Mercury line, the flat based snare stand has all the adjustability of its full sized counterpart, packaged in a lightweight body.

Includes multi-directional tilter; legs fold flush against the body when collapsed and can be angled up to allow for multi stand positioning.

Works for main and auxiliary snares, as well as rack toms.

ddrum Mercury Flat Based Two Tier Boom Stand

ddrum Mercury Flat Based Two Tier Boom Standddrum is expanding our high-end Mercury series hardware, with new flat-based models.

Perfect for the drummer on the go, these stands feature all the same innovations found on their heavy-duty counterparts, in a lightweight package.

Legs fold flush with the body when stored, and can be angled up when deployed, to allow for mottle stand positioning. Gear less tilter and hideaway boom, come standard.

ddrum MAX series 5×14 Snare drum

ddrum MAX Series 5x14 Snare Drum

5×14″ shell size. Black chrome hardware. 10 double sided tube lugs. Box throw off. Evans coated snare head. 6 inner plies of Alder. 2 outer plies of Maple. Available in Piano black lacquer and Satin Natural finish.

ddrum MAX series 6.5×14 snare drum PIano Black

ddrum Max Snare 6.5x14 Inches

6.5×14″ shell size. Black chrome hardware. 10 double sided tube lugs. Box throw off. Evans coated snare head. 6 inner plies of Alder. 2 outer plies of Maple. Piano black lacquer finish.

ddrum Student Snare w/ Sticks,Pad, Stand, Bag

ddrum Student Snare Pack

The New ddrum student snare pack! Perfect for upcoming drum students. Features everything you need to lead your ensemble. The ddrum student snare pack includes a Steel 5.5×14″ 10 lug snare with rubber practice pad, 5B sticks, snare stand, carrying case.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals [NAMM 2017]

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals Premieres at Winter NAMM 2017

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are to be one of the brands much anticipated releases at NAMM this year.

This winter’s NAMM is quickly shaping up to be an exciting affair ,with manufacturers from around the world showcasing their latest innovations and releases. At the event, cymbal manufacturing behemoths Zildjian will be officially releasing their range of low volume cymbals.

Being 80 percent quieter than traditional cymbals. The Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals allow you to play for longer without any signs of ear fatigue and or hearing damage.

Ideal for the those who want to practice in an apartment, practice space or any other noise sensitive environment. The L80‘s act as the perfect solution.

With a number of manufacturing techniques specifically devised by Zildjian, the player can experience authentic playability and a classic Zildjian feel.

Not only does the cymbals possess commendable noise cancelling properties. They also maintain distinctive and attractive aesthetic. Its unique matte finish provide a refined and sophisticated appearance that make them look as good as they sound!

Forever at the forefront of innovation , Zildjian continue to strive towards uncompromising quality whilst retaining their classic and revered sound. Perfect for drummers from any genre, Zildjian cater to a wide ranging demographic of musicians.

From Rock to Jazz, they remain a consistent choice among drummers. With their incredibly high quality manufacture and stunning tone, Zildjian remain a staple favourite of the drumming community.

The Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are available for pre-order at Gear4music now. Take a look at their Zildjian L80 Series Low Volume Cymbals salespage for more information.

Matt Halpern Releases Signature Drumsticks

Matt Halpern Pro Mark Signature Drumsticks

Introducing Matt Halpern Promark Signature Stick

Promark is excited to announce the Matt Halpern signature stick. This stick – designed to the Periphery drummer’s specs – has a front weighted feel to optimize power and speed while producing full/robust tones from the drums and cymbals.

Matt Halpern Drumsticks

The Matt Halpern stick is a standard 16” in length and .630” diameter. Although 2B in size this stick plays more like a 5B. The short taper and large round tip give this stick a well-balanced, front weighted feel to optimize power and speed while producing full/robust tones from the drums and cymbals. For more specs look here.

Matt Halpern Performs “Lune”, from Periphery III: Select Difficulty

Matt Plays: Evans Heavyweight Drumheads

Matt Halpern Evan Heavyweight Snare DrumheadEvans Snare Heavyweight Drumheads
Evans Heavyweight heads feature a combination of two identical plies of 10mil film to provide maximum durability and a compressed attack while maintaining a wide dynamic range. The Reverse Dot lends extra durability, focus and attack in the center. Evans Level 360 technology is incorporated to extend the level playing surface of the drumhead, 360 degrees around the drum. Detailed specs on this Snare head can be found here.

Matt Halpern Evan Heavyweight Bass Drum HeadsEvans Bass Drum Heavyweight Drumheads
Evans EMAD Heavyweight series features two plies of film. The combination of two identical plies of 10mil film provides maximum durability and a compressed attack while maintaining a wide dynamic range. The EMAD Heavyweight contains two interchangeable damping rings that maximize attack and low-end without removing the head or reaching inside the drum.

Matt Halpern on the New Evans EMAD Heavyweight Bass Head

Matt Halpern Quick Facts

After college Matt toured extensively with a couple bands and eventually joined up with instrumental group, Animals as Leaders. After performing with the group in 2009, Matt had the opportunity to join progressive metal band Periphery, and he’s been with them ever since.

Performing and touring all over the world, Matt and Periphery have shared the stage with bands such as Dream Theater, Gojira, Lamb of God, the Dillinger Escape Plan, August Burns Red, Arch Enemy and many more.

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