DrumPerium Forced To Widens It’s Spectra

Our Vision For DrumPerium Turned Out To Be Too Narrow-minded

When starting the DrumPerium Site my main focus was on Electronic Drums. In addition to that, I would add some news for Acoustic Drums and Drummers as well.

First the DrumPerium Motto was “We’re ALL In On Drums!“, but after a while I decided to dedicate the site entirely to Electronic Drums and basically skip the Acoustic Drums completely. Mainly because there’s barely no sites (no good ones at least) who was 100% into Electronic Drums.

new roland td50kv

New Roland Kit, All Good Right?

As a result (to the lack of sites) It should be easier for me to attract this specific audience (Electronic Drummers). When decision was taken I quickly changed the DrumPerium Motto to “We’re ALL In On Electronic Drums!” instead.

I must admit all lt good, I was confident this was the way to go and especially relevant as these (Electronic) Drums are the only ones I (can) use nowadays (due to impairment of hearing).

It’s Easy To BE WISE… In Retrospect

Now, about 8 months later, I realize why there are so few sites dedicated to Electronic Drums News & Reviews. It’s Because there barely aren’t any news to report or New Drum Kits to review. So like the header says, its easy to be wise in retrospect.

Roland v-drum release table

For example, I could have taken a look at the largest Electronic Drums Manufacturer Roland and their V-Drums Release Table (see image above) or a release table of any other Electronic Drums Manufacturer as it looks almost the same. There’s not enough things to write about, at least not for a site that need to be updated frequently in order to be interesting.

There’s Time For Change And Move On

ludwig snare drumSo, now I’ve decided, AND this is my final decision 😉 , that DrumPerium will cover the Whole World Of Drumming. It means a Huge Variety of Drum News and Reviews. Covering anything from showing off a New Ludwig Snare to Gene Hoglands’ warm-up excersises before a gig. Yes, I confess when it comes to Drummer News, Drummer Lessons and Tips these will in most cases cover the Metal Genre. I think it’s best to write about things you like the most (in this case Metal) because the more knowledge you have about it. At least that’s my experience.

So, Keep your eyes open for a “Make-Up” in the upcoming weeks and months.

Finally, as of today the DrumPerium Motto is “We’re ALL IN On Drums!” once again…