Freedrum Lets You Play Drums Anywhere

Freedrum Virtual Drumkit

Freedrum A Virtual Drum Kit That Fits In Your Pocket

Freedrum Teams‘ aim is to bring the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have access to a smartphone.

No matter if you’re a beginner or Tommy Lee, This device is designed for drummers of any skill level!

How Does It Work?

Simply slip the sensors on your drumsticks, pair them with your smartphone, and take them anywhere. It is that easy! It doesn’t require an internet connection and runs on a battery that should keep you drumming for a week of regular use.

Freedrum Virtual Drums Device

If you want the full experience, slip two more units onto your feet. The units are interchangeable, so you won’t need to buy special feet units.

Officially, Freedrum supports iOS with Garageband, that’s what the team have tested and guarantee. They recommend iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.0 or later.

Designed With Musicians In Mind

Freedrum Virtual DrumFreedrum is designed to give musicians the most natural drumming experience. It’s small, lightweight and easy to setup.

It’s adaptable to any size drumstick and you can place it anywhere on the stick to suit your drumming style. When turned off the stick this devce can easily fit into your pocket.

Freedrum can for sutetake a beating! Shock-resistant ABS plastic is used for the enclosure to ensure it is strong and lightweight. It made of reduced number of parts and designed to be repairable.

A simple click on a button turns the device on and calibrates it so that you can start playing as quickly as possible. An LED is incorporated elegantly above the button indicating the connection and battery level.

Whats Inside The Box?


A standard Freedrum package includes two units, a micro USB charger, two straps for drum sticks and two straps for your feet. The Freedrum Team also offer a special deluxe package for Kickstarter supporters that includes a pair of premium drumsticks from Vic Firth.

Don’t Let Anybody Take Away Your Freedrum

Support this great innovator NOW by pre-ordering the Freedrum Package at their official Kickstarter Page.

Beatlab Mini Metronome TELLS YOU if Out Of Sync

Beatlab Mini Metronome

BEATLAB mini Features A Training Function That Check and Improve Your Sense of Rhythm

Beatlab Mini Metronome Front

The BEATLAB mini provides a training mode that lets you objectively check your own sense of rhythm.

If you connect the included contact mic to the unit’s TRIGGER jack and attach it to your snare or practice pad, the BEATLAB mini detects the sound of your strikes and measures the slight discrepancy in tempo between your playing and the sound of the metronome.

The amount of the discrepancy is indicated audibly. For example, if a male or female voice is selected, you’ll be informed whether you’re “TOO FAST” or “TOO SLOW“; if you’re correct, the voice tells you plainly “GOOD,” “GREAT,” “WONDERFUL,” or “PERFECT.”

It lets you check your own rhythm in real time with ease

Beatlab Mini Metronome KORGAfter evaluation, your score at keeping the rhythm and your overall tendencies are shown in the display, allowing you to monitor your progress as you continue to practice.

How strictly your rhythm is evaluated and the trigger sensitivity can be adjusted in detail to correspond with your ability and the devices with which you’re practicing.

From the beginner who has just started their instrument up to the veteran who just wants to verify their rhythmic sense, the BEATLAB mini will support your rhythm training as your very own dedicated and personalized trainer.

BEATLAB Mini Includes a Contact Microphone For Trigger Detection

Beatlab Mini Metronome CM-200The CM-200 high-sensitivity contact mic is included for trigger detection.

You can attach this mic to your practice pad or snare, or even to a magazine or table; any object that the clip will grip to transmit to transmit its vibration.

The moment you get your BEATLAB mini, you can immediately start accurate rhythm training wherever you are.

BEATLAB mini Main Features

  • Metronome function with a generous selection of patterns.
  • Training function that check and improve your sense of rhythm.
  • Sound out function is convenient for tuning your drums.
  • Time/Stopwatch function can be used in a variety of ways.
  • High-volume built-in speaker and headphone output.
  • Large backlight LCD display.
  • Two-way clip that holds with a variety of use-cases.
  • Includes a contact microphone for trigger detection.
  • Lineup includes a limited set with that includes a practice pad.

Beatlab Mini Metronome Drums

BEATLAB mini Demostration Video

As of this writing no price has been set yet. For complete specifications of BEATLAB mini visit KORGs’ Website.

Mapex Saturn V MH 5-piece Shell Pack Review

Mapex Saturn V MH Review

DrumPerium Takes A Closer Look at Mapex Saturn V MH 5-piece Shell Pack

Before diving into the Mapex Saturn V MH review lets start with some basic facts…

When it comes to drums, the Mapex brand is well known for its quality, style and great sound. In fact, drummers the world over swear by it and the drum selection here is to die for.

The snare drums, drum kits and the hardware are very attractive and not only do they look cool but they also sound excellent. Mapex has been doing this for almost 3 decades and their experience and attention to detail is what separates them from the other brands.

Mapex Flagship Line

The Black Panther, Mars and Meridian sets are some of Mapex’s most popular items for sale but none can beat their flagship line which is the Mapex Saturn line.

The latest Mapex Saturn V MH series is an improved version that is beautiful with the sleek finishes and an innovative tom mount isolation feature.

The pricing is affordable and that makes this one of the best value for money investments any drummer could make.

Mapex has also created a new bearing edge that greatly improves the interplay between the shell and the head so that the response from the drum is optimized and just a pleasure to play with.

So, what’s different now?

What impressed us the most were the toms which really sounded good. It didn’t matter how hard we hit the drums or how gentle we were… the notes and tones were just right. Adding to that, Remo Emperor clear and Remo P3 Batter is added as standard, not an huge but important thing for sure.

The Exotic models all come standard with black chrome hardware, while the Mapex Saturn V MH model features chrome hardware.

Players will have a hard time deciding on their favorite finish. Neverltheless, The notes are sustained well and the walnut and maple hybrid shell definitely improves the drum tones.

The Mapex Saturn V MH is a major improvement over the Saturn IV which while good, just doesn’t come close to this updated set.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review Kit Backside

Strong. Sleek. Sturdy.

Let’s look at some of the features that come with this set. Mapex Saturn V MH and MH Exotic are available in the same great finishes as Saturn IV and include the same great features:

  • SONIClear tom suspension.
  • Low-contact bass drum claws.
  • Mapex 6-ply North American walnut-maple hybrid shells (8-ply bass Drum).
  • Free-floating bass drum mount (Optional).
  • SONIClear Floor tom legs.
  • Memory Mark bass drum spurs.

Available in 3 Mapex lacquered finishes and 2 awesome Delmar wraps. The shells are constructed with the classic maple and walnut hybrid that Mapex is famous for. This makes the drum set a very strong and sturdy one.

Guests to your house or studio will definitely give the Mapex Saturn V MH a second look because its appearance turns heads all the time. If you wish to take things to the next level, you could spend an extra two or three hundred dollars for a cool marble burl finish, complete with black nickel settings.


Well, To be honest, and most importantly I’m not paid to say this. I couldn’t believe how good it was till we tried it out. The Saturn V MH will be suitable for both the hobbyist and the professional alike.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review ConfigThese are the drums that are perfect for commercial use, at home or in a studio setting. You get a variety of tom sizes and the 5-piece configuration gives you a lot of flexibility.

The responsiveness is brilliant and the beats that you will create with this set will be outstanding.

Priced at $1799, this is not only value for money but will last you a long time. It really has to be played to be believed. Do get it. You can thank us later.

Notice: As with all Shell-packs, Snare, Hardware and Cymbals are not included but sold seperately.

Mapex Saturn V MH Review Kit Backside
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Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Drum Set Incl. HW and Cymbals

mapex storm bundle

A Complete Package At An Incredible Value, Presenting the Mapex Storm Bundle!

The Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Drum Set with Hardware and Zildjian Cymbals does not only simplifies the process of getting a great sound. It adds an entirely new style of drum finishes and hardware options.

About The Mapex Storm Series

The Storm Series sets offer shallow depth toms 100% Poplar shells complete with the SONIClear Bearing Edge, which increases the contact between the drumhead and shell and allows the head to sit flat on the edge.

The SONIClear bearing edge produces a stronger and more centered pitch and makes the drums remarkably easy to tune.

This Limited Edition Mapex Storm Bundle 6pc Kit comes with 10”x 7”, 12”x 8” Toms, 14”x12”, 16”x 14” Floor Toms, 22”x 18” Bass Drum, and a 14”x 5” Snare Drum. Mapex Storm Bundle also includes a 400 Series Hardware pack, and a 4pc Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal pack.

“The SONIClear bearing edge has been very important to the success of all the Mapex high quality sets like Saturn V, Armory and Mars, helping players at all levels produce superior sounds with minimal effort”

states Gary Ingraffia , Mapex Brand Manager. And he goes on saying

“The frustration of drum tuning, especially for players who are learning the art of tuning their drums, can lead to a lack of enjoyment and less time playing. The SONIClear Bearing Edge solves those issues and enables players to get a great sound even without years of tuning experience. This is a truly a significant advantage found on all Storm sets.”

The Mapex Storm Hardware

The Storm 400 Series hardware series is included with all Storm kits. Chrome Plated hardware comes with the Camphor Wood Gran and Ebony Blue Grain finishes, while the Deep Black finish comes with Black Plated hardware.

The double-braced Storm cymbal stands are 3 tierd for maximum adjustment and cymbal placement. All Storm hardware feature the new Mapex concave leg design for easier better positioning.

This all-purpose hardware is available to purchase as individual pieces as well.

The Storm 400 Series hardware package includes a boom stand, straight stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand and single bass drum pedal.

The Planet Z cymbal package includes a 20″ ride cymbal, 16″ crash cymbal, 14″ hi-hat pair.

Pricing and Availability

mapex storm bundle drum set

At the time of this writing, DrumPerium has not been informed by Mapex about pricing or where to buy the Mapex Storm Bundle. We will add an Price and Where To Buy update here as soon as possible once we’ve got a reply from the company officials.

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review

Double-Chain Driven Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review (P2052C)

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Set can be customized to suit your fancy and it’s a highly reliable model. You can either get the Redline as a belt-drive or a chain option as used in this review.

And so, when it comes to features, the Pearl‘s famous Eliminator pedals sure pack a punch. They’re equipped with Dual-chain drives, Click-lock spring adjustment, Control core beaters, NiNjA bearings, Independent traction grips, Uni-Lock beater angle cams, a PowerShifter function and much more.

Created more than 15 years ago, this brand and model is still preferred by thousands of beginners and professional drummers all over the world.

High Degree of Customization

Since the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal can be greatly customized to suit your taste and preferences, you can definitely find a set up that is just right for you. It may take you some time to fiddle around with the different features to get it all just rightBut when it’s done, you’ll be very pleased to have a pedal set that is perfect for you.

It’s worth noting that the high degree of variation will mean that some combinations may work against each other. You’ll need to be aware of what you’re doing and how it’ll affect your playing.

Other features

The Redline’s features are patented and you can quickly and easily vary pedal performance by using the interchangeable cam system. If you wish to move the footboard up and down you can use the ‘Powershifter’ feature. This is really helpful.

Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Review Front

You’ll also be able to remove and change the rubber disks that are located in the grip plate. The color scheme of grey, red and black is very pleasing to eye and overall, these are very stylish pedals.

While the pedals allow you the option of customizing them, if you just wish to use them as they come, that’s fine too. They are good to use upon purchase without changing anything.

What we learned from testing it out

Our testing showed that the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedals are great to use and highly responsive. The sturdy structure gives the pedals a solid feel and allow for smooth play. If you’re looking for a set of double pedals that look good and play well, the Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal is definitely worth considering.

Would We Buy It?

We most certainly would. The level of customization that’s possible with these pedals is unbelievable. It’s priced affordably, delivers a ton of value, looks good and performs better. This is a must-buy.

The Eliminator Redline Pedal is sturdy and comes in a few models such as:

  • Single Pedal (P2050B) and Double Pedal (P2052B) Belt Drive Models.
  • Single Pedal (P2050C) and Double Pedal (P2052C) Chain Drive Models.
  • Left-Footed Double Chain (P2052CL) and Belt (P2052BL) Models.

The Pedal model marked bold above symbolizes the Pedal we used for this review.

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Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Pedal Carry Bag

Pedal Carry Bag Included For Free

BopPad – A New 4 Zone Campaign Funded Drum Pad

BopPad 4 Zone Drum Pad

BopPad Reached Kickstarter Campaign Goal In Just Over 3 Days

Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) started a Kickstarter campaign for BopPad. Its goal of $35,000 was reached in just over 3 days.

BopPad has a wide dynamic range and measures strike velocity from the softest hand drumming to the most hard-hitting drumsticks blasts. A robust tuned elastomer surface covers a 10” circle of a patented Smart Sensor Fabric to give you traditional feel and a new dimension of expressivity.

BopPad Drum Pad

Connect To Any PC Via USB Using The BopPad Editor Software

BopPad PC Software

The BopPad Editor software will be available as a desktop download and iOS app, but for ultimate accessibility they’re also developing a WebMIDI app so you can design presets for BopPad from a web browser.

Smart Sensor Technology

BopPad takes advantage of Smart Sensor Fabric Technology from BeBop Sensors, a leading supplier of fabric sensors & winner of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation award.

At the core of BopPad is a single large sensor made from the 8th generation of BeBop’s Smart Sensor fabric. BeBop develops sensors for OEM clients in Automotive, Sports & Fitness, Safety and Consumer Wellness.

BopPad can also be used as a conventional practice pad with a realistic feel and portable, lightweight design.

Currently, BopPad is available with early bird discounted pricing on Kickstarter set at $199.